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postal savings system US Postal Savings Bonds and Certificates - US Postal Service Money Orders
Postal Savings System

The Postal Savings System was established in 1911 to provide "safe, convenient depositories for Americans who could save and earn interest by purchasing certificates."  Individuals were allowed a single account with a maximum balance of $2,500. Interest was paid at the rate of 2% per annum.

The popularity of the program declined with a growing U.S. economy and rising interest rates, and so Congress voted for its termination in 1966. Upon termination, hundreds of thousands of U.S. Postal Savings System Certificates and U.S. Postal Savings Bonds went unredeemed. For information on unclaimed Postal Savings System Bonds and Postal Savings Certificates click here: US Postal Savings System

US Postal Money Orders

The US Postal Service reports over $25 million each year in uncashed postal money orders. No name or address records are kept for purchases of domestic money orders, so the USPS will not contact you if a money order is not cashed.

Copies of paid domestic U.S. Postal money orders can be obtained for up to 2 years after the pay date. If a money order is lost or stolen prior to being cashed, it can be replaced. Records of owner names and addresses are available for purchasers of International Money Orders, which are valid for ninety days after issue.

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