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Enemy Property - On April 3, 1998, the British Dept. of Trade & Industry published the names of 25,000 asset owners (from an original list of 220,000) whose property was confiscated between 1939 and 1945 by the Custodian for Enemy Property pursuant to wartime Trading with the Enemy legislation.

Affected by seizures were companies and citizens of "belligerent enemies" - countries who had declared war on the U.K. (Germany, Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria); as well as "technical enemies," occupied nations like Czechoslovakia and Poland.

In response to an admission that documentation had been destroyed, the British government established a Payment Scheme in March of 1999 to compensate victims. The claims submission period ended September 30, 1999. If you believe you have valid claim but missed the deadline, phone +44 (0)207 215 3485 or fax +44 (0)207 215 3487. Details on at least 30,000 accounts are available at:  or contact via e-mail:

Gold - The British government has established a 2 million fund to compensate those who haven't otherwise been able to recover assets looted and/or confiscated during WW II.

The history and findings of the Tripartite Gold Commission, including the fate of gold recovered by the Allies, is available online at:

An excellent source of information on all matters relating to Holocaust-era assets is the Wiesenthal Center, 9760 W. Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90035. On the Internet visit: