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Lost US Savings Bonds - Uncashed Postal Savings System Certificates

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missing savings bonds Lost U.S. Savings Bond Search
55 Million Americans own US government savings bonds, long popular as gifts and investments purchased through payroll withholding. The Bureau of Public Debt calculates the redemption value of uncashed and lost U.S. savings bonds at $17 billion.

In addition to missing savings bonds, each year thousands of new savings bonds and bond interest payments go undelivered when the savings bond owner moves and fails to provide a forwarding address, and millions of dollars in savings bonds held under government safekeeping programs remain unclaimed.

All U S savings bonds stop earning interest at final maturity, 40 years or less from issue, but they could still be worth more than five times their original face value!

Only owners of Series H or HH bonds that pay interest by check (less than 1% of all bonds) are notified when bonds reach final maturity. All other bond holders (including owners of Series EE savings bonds) must take affirmative action to replace or redeem lost bonds.