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The Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) was established in 1920, providing retirement, death and disability benefits for civilian employees of the Federal government. CSRS was replaced in 1987 by FERS, the Federal Employees Retirement Systems, although some two million families currently receive monthly CSRS retirement or survivor benefits.

Located in "The Cave" - a converted limestone mine 268 feet below ground in Boyers, Pennsylvania, OPM's Retirement Operations Center has no estimate and no way of computing the value of unclaimed government pension benefits in its custody; but the figure is in the billions of dollars. Records on two million former Civil Service workers are not automated, but rather stored in some 35,000 file cabinets, by alphabetical order. This system does not permit sorting by age, a likely indicator of unclaimed and unpaid benefits.

Benefits are not declared abandoned unless unclaimed by the designated recipient's 115th birthday or 30 years after the date of death, at which time they become unavailable for any future claim.

For information and assistance tracing a missing pension government pension go to: Government Pension Search (For information on non-government unclaimed pension benefits go to: Pension Search )

Special Note: Issues specifically concerning military pay are handled by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service. For more information go to: Defense Finance and Accounting Service - Unclaimed Military Pay

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