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Credit union accounts are considered abandoned if a deposit or withdrawal is not made over a period of time, generally from one to five years. This may be true even in cases where CD's (Certificates of Deposit) automatically roll-over, because this is not considered to be owner-directed activity. Also, if a depositor fails to make a mandatory withdrawal from an IRA, the account may be considered dormant.

Even in the event the credit union closed its doors, do not necessarily assume your funds are lost forever.  For those who owned accounts at a branch no longer in existence, the funds may well have been transferred to a successor credit union after a merger or acquisition.

If the credit union failed, the NCUA - National Credit Union Administration - assumes responsibility for repaying deposits to members. NCUSIF, the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund, currently insures member deposits up to a $250,000 limit. Since 1990, more than $331 million has been paid out to well over 100,000 credit union members.

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